Our Motiveis to know god and to be known by our love for one another

Our Messageis Christ and Him crucified

Our Methodis to lay down our lives for others and make discibles

WE SEE a church that looks like Jesus and feels like a family.

WE SEE a church made up of sons and daughters who know the Father and are branded by His love.

WE SEE a church that transforms all spheres of society with the culture of the Kingdom.

WE SEE thousands of church groups in homes where the lost are loved, cared for and experience the God who looks like Jesus. We see church groups exponentially and spontaneously multiplying throughout our city, nation and nations of the world as the love of God compels people to share the gospel of the Kingdom.

WE SEE a church where the miracles are commonplace. Notable signs and wonders point people to the love of the Father. God is known as the all powerful miracle working God for whom nothing is impossible.

WE SEE people travelling from across the globe to witness what God is doing and be equipped for the work of the ministry at our training school. We see a church that is innovative and pioneering in training Christians using online platforms and social media to share the gospel far and wide.

WE SEE a church so large that stadiums can’t hold the gatherings. We see the myriad of church groups congregating together to worship God, celebrate and boast on what God is doing in our midst. The general public won’t be able to ignore the church due to the sheer size and cultural influence on society.

WE SEE a church that is catalytic in sending a new wave of missionaries to the ends of the earth. We see missionaries being sent to Indigenous communities throughout the nations, where they are known for coming alongside locals and equipping them to plant churches and provide solutions to long-term issues within communities.

WE SEE a church that worships God in spirit and truth. We see a church that releases a new sound of revival through worship and creative expressions. We see worship albums that contain the anthems of revival and are sung across nations and denominational streams.

WE SEE a kingdom minded church that prioritises unity, collaboration and partnership with churches to see sustained city wide transformation.

WE SEE a church that redefines what church growth looks like in the west due to the numerical size and health of the believers.

WE SEE a church that builds an increasing legacy of the Kingdom through the generations. We see a church that stewards the Kingdom breakthroughs of the past and multiplies the inheritance of the Kingdom for generations to come.