The vision of Glory City Women’s ministry is to connect, inspire and empower an army of women to personally know their loving Heavenly Father and live a life of power and love that impacts the world around them.

Whether you are a full time mum, career girl, a student, gypsie, wear pink frills or black, weather you are just interested in Jesus or have loved Him from the age of one, you belong here.

We want to cultivate a community of women who will:

  • Fiercely love each other
  • Always believe the best about each other
  • Refuse to gossip or listen to gossip
  • Refuse to allow false perceptions to be formed
  • Refuse to judge each other
  • Outdo one another in serving each other and showing honour
  • Who are brave enough to admit when they are struggling or need help
  • Hold other’s arms up when they get tired
  • Be each other’s biggest cheerleaders
  • LOVE even when it’s costly
  • Speak the truth in love. Because the truth sets you free.
  • Have each other’s backs. Always

Join us monthly at our gatherings and check out our church groups for weekly connection.